Mykonos island

Mykonos island is nowadays as much about blissful relaxation as it is about bars, clubs and parties.

There is something uniquely magical about Mykonos island. Smack in the middle of the Cyclades archipelagos, this whitewashed haven has become synonymous with exclusivity, excess and glamour since it was discovered by the jet setters of the ’60s. Yet despite its legendary party reputation, a holiday break in Mykonos island isn’t just about the nightlife: Sporting a potent mix of paradisiacal beaches, spectacular sunsets, historical sites, pampering facilities, and world-class dining and shopping, Mykonos island rightfully draws a hip crowd of social animals, fun seekers, romantic couples and honeymooners, but also history buffs, adventure seekers and families travelling with kids. Head here for the sea, sun and sand triptych, but also to experience the quintessential good life.

Mykonos island in the Cyclades

Attractions in Mykonos

From celebrity spotting to head to toe pampering, attractions in Mykonos take many shapes and forms

Attractions in Mykonos are manifold and multifaceted. Head here for bohemian-chic waterfront bars and iconic open-air clubs set high on the cliffs. See and be seen in popular sunset spots and celebrity watering holes, get wined and dined in style in high-end, seaview restaurants and lesser-known, quaint tavernas. Sunbathe, swim and play on fashionable beaches along with the smart set. But also venture off the beaten path, to explore hidden gem-kind of coastlines. For a small island, Mykonos has more than 30 shores, all with crystal clear waters and spectacular surrounds.

Beach lounging is, of course, a perfectly pleasurable pastime. But if you are looking for an extra adrenaline rush, water sports are among the most popular attractions in Mykonos, with good reason. Thanks to a potent mix of high winds, fascinating sea bed and crystalline waters, there is an active and particularly prolific water sports scene on the island: From scuba diving to kite surfing or paragliding, choices are vast and varied, addressing all levels of expertise.

You should also consider taking a day’s break from the famous Mykonian blue and gold beaches, to engage in cultural tourism. At 1.2 nautical miles, neighbouring Delos is among the top attractions in Mykonos: In fact, the very reason that the island of the winds was discovered by the intellectuals and the artists in the 1930s. Take the ferry or your private boat to the sacred island of antiquity that is nowadays a remarkably well preserved Unesco Heritage site, to see history coming alive. Once back in Mykonos Town, venture to the archaeological and folklore museums to discover their treasures, but also set about exploring the trademark, quaint churches and chapels of Mykonos. There are 700 of them, one per local family, all with a fascinating backstory.

Praised by mastermind architects, such as Le Corbusier, the picturesque old town, is another of the must-see attractions in Mykonos. Strike a pose against the iconic, whitewashed, sugar cube, bougainvillaea clad, houses. Get lost in the maze-like streets and alleyways: They are lively, crammed with beautiful people and full of designer boutiques, jewellery stores, boho shops, cafes and bars.
Then there is Petros the Pelican, the island’s famous mascot and one of the most photogenic attractions in Mykonos: He’ll be invariably strolling on the seafront, eager to pose next to this Hollywood star or the other, or anyone who’ll ask him nicely for that matter.